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Improvements to the infrastructure of schools and clinics will increase access to clean water and sanitation and improve the child, and community environment. 

Our existing different projects are:

New Delice Clinic

Bercy Clinic Construction Planning

Our past project includes:

Wilberforce Community College- South Africa

New Delice Clinic Construction


This effort also includes the expansion of services with fully staffed outpatient centers in Delice I, II and Leger.  The continued generosity of the Connectional WMS will allow for the construction of an expanded Delice I Health Center.  These efforts go across the entire community to help people know and participate in what it takes to have a healthy environment for themselves and for the future of their children.  The project relies on AME-SADA’s long and positive relationship with the community and with local leadership and follows our vision of integrated programs that tie health, education, agriculture and economy.

Bercy Clinic Construction Planning

Transitional and Treatment Facility for at-risk pregnant women in Bercy

In Haiti, maternal mortality, although improved, remains the highest in the Western Hemisphere. The primary objective of this project is to ensure that at-risk pregnant women in the communities where AME-SADA provides services, have access to adequate medical care.  This work is currently conducted on a limited basis, in existent clinics; a Transitional Facility will be constructed (Phase I to be completed by the end of 2017) in Bercy (on the border between Arcahaie and Cabaret) that will house these women, provide the special care needed during pregnancy and near the time of their delivery or transfer them to the regional hospitals if surgery or other more specialized treatment is required. This additional access to care will in turn contribute to the decrease of child and maternal morbidity and mortality.  The Bercy Transition Center for At-risk Pregnant Women, so far has received funding from the 11th Episcopal District Women’s Missionary Society’s Dorothy Adams Peck Leadership Institute, Bishop McKinley Young, Supervisor Dorothy Jackson Young, a grant from the United Way of St. Thomas and St. John, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and several individual private Donors.

For more detail information about our Infraestructure Programs review our Annual Reports by clicking the icon below:


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New Delice Clinic Construction
New Initiatives
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