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How you can help


AME-SADA depends on contributions to carry out its essential work in Africa and the Caribbean. Gifts to AME-SADA may take several forms. For example, donors may support current programs in Haiti and South Africa. Such support may be given outright or in cash installments based on a written pledge. Many programs are available for immediate participation.


To meet longer-term needs, AME-SADA is building a permanent endowment. The endowment consists of a growing principle from which only the annual earnings are spent. Major gifts to the endowment ensure the perpetuation of AME-SADA's self help assistance over time, facilitate long range planning and address the needs of countries or populations not otherwise funded. In addition to that from cash support, donors may receive significant tax savings and opportunities for public recognition through bequests, charitable trusts, gifts of publicly traded securities, appreciated property and proceeds from life insurance and retirement funds.

AME-SADA is Supported by:


Support comes from the AME Church, charitable foundations, corporations, other private organizations, the U.S. government, international agencies, foreign institutions and thousands of persons committed to AME-SADA's vision for a better world.


For more information about gift options, please contact:

Executive Director
1134 11th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
202-371-0981 fax


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