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The African Methodist Episcopal Church Service and Development Agency (AME-SADA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Africa and the Caribbean. AME-SADA grew out of the collective efforts of five unique and pioneering individuals: Bishop John H. Adams, Bishop Fredrick C. James, Mrs. Wilburn Boddie, Reverend Lonnie Johnson and Dr. Joseph C. McKinney. We give special recognition to Bishop Donald G. K. Ming for his unbroken support and dedication to the vision of our Founders.


Since its founding more than three decades ago, AME-SADA has demonstrated the implementation of its mission of “helping people help themselves” by providing essential assistance to those in need through health, micro-enterprise, agriculture and education programs as well as emergency humanitarian aid in Africa and the Caribbean.  AME-SADA is looking to expand its programs as resources allow.


AME-SADA’s financial support comes from the AME Church, government and international agencies, foreign institutions, non-profit organizations, foundations and thousands of persons committed to our vision of a better world. AME-SADA is headquartered in Washington, DC.

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