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The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima  (MML) Peru´s largest city and the National Capital through the Municipal Real Estate Company of Lima – (EMILIMA S.A)  has developed a Project Of Social Responsibility, which is intended To sensitize and strengthen the concepts of Identity, Respect and Revaluation of the Historic Center of Lima, in light of its importance in the history of Peru and as it is recognized as a World Heritage site of The UNESCO since the year 1991.


This project led to the production and publication of a collection of children's tales Called “Characters and neighborhoods of ancient Lima" They narrate a set of stories that describe the adventures of the emblematic characters of the ancient Lima, who go around the streets and buildings most representative of the historical center of Lima; Looking in this way to raise awareness in children about the importance of respecting and preserving the cultural heritage of the historic center of the capital of Peru.

This initiative is unprecedented and constitutes one of the first steps in dissemination of the preservation and recovery of heritage of the Peruvian Culture. Likewise, this project also aims to raise the levels of reading comprehension and interest in the history of the city of Lima in a very sensitive and entertaining way for children, because we are convinced that a reading country breaks the chains of the ignorance.

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Thank you EMILIMA

Press Realease

AME-SADA, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Africa and the Caribbean focus in the areas of Health and Education congratulates this initiative of Social Responsibility lead by Luis Castañeda Lossio, The Mayor of Lima, Luis Marin Bogdanovich, The Chairman of the Board of EMILIMA S.A and Claudia Ruiz Canchapoma, General manager of EMILIMA S.A. We encourage you to keep the great work on disseminated this amazing initiative in order to raise awareness in our children of the importance of the historical patrimony of your Country in the Elementary Schools, School Districts, Libraries, Multicultural Educational Centers, Universities and Colleges in the Lima and United States.


Our institution will use these stories in our educational programs in Haiti, Ghana and South Africa Region, to promote curiosity about the history of other cultures in other countries. This material will have a great educational impact in the kids.


It is pertinent to highlight that The Tales of the Collection “Old Lima characters and neighborhoods " Are Published in the website of EMILIMA ( The cost for them is free and the PDF versions are in Spanish and English.

Thank you EMILIMA
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